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    International Youth Cooperation reaches twelve countries

    Cooperación Internacional’s global brand, which began its journey in 2015, has already reached 12 countries, after the latest incorporations of Estonia, Croatia, Portugal and Hungary, which join Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden. International Youth Cooperation is a European NGO promoted by Cooperación Internacional and based in Amsterdam, operating in 12 countries that developing activities to promote a culture of responsibility and solidarity among young Europeans: social action programs in favor of children and youth, training…

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    The Gambia School Project – 2021-2022

    We are glad to announce our next international collaboration! We have partnered with our fellows from IYC Spain and the Diocese of Banjul to undertake the construction of a new school…

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    european solidarity corps

    IYC Finland has submitted its application for the 2020 Call of the European Solidarity Corps! The European Solidarity Corps (ECS) is an EU programme that enables youth to get involved in…

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    The authorities are encouraging us to stay at home during the coronavirus crisis. Staying at home is the socially responsible thing to do, and by doing it we are already helping…

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    Due to the coronavirus crisis we are cancelling all the volunteering projects until the authorities retire the recommendation of reducing social contact to the minimum possible. However there are many ways…

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    GAMBIA 2019

    My name is Keni and I am from Helsinki!. During summer, I have been to Gambia with International Youth Cooperation. The first stop was Barcelona, where we stayed for one night…

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    Youth exchange in hungary

    “Helping Hands for Europe” (HH4E) is a project that involves 48 people from Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The main objective of the project is to empower its…