Personal Development

Welcome to Personal Development Project! From IYC Suomi we are organizing a course in which you can learn and develop your personal growth

Fostering personal development transcends the professional sphere, involving the integral growth of each individual. This journey of self-discovery focuses on both universal and personal values, deepening our understanding of the impact we can have on the world. By embarking on this journey, we not only have the opportunity to grow professionally, but also to evolve as human beings, cultivating a greater self-knowledge, sense of service and purpose in life.

This increased self-awareness serves as a solid foundation on which to build, fostering the cultivation of emotional intelligence and, with it, an understanding of the impact people can bring to the world.

We want to offer you different talks about a wide range of topics, from emotional intelligence, social relationships or communication with others but all of them focused on personal development

The course will consist of 8 sessions in which experts of different subjects will present their knowledge, as well as 4 meetings during the summer and Christmas months where participants will be able to share what they have learned and exchange opinions.

Each session will begin with an initial individual analysis related to the topic of the talk in which the young people will be able to think about the case previously from their homes. Afterwards, and in the place of the session, there will be an analysis of what was read by teams to give way to the discussion and analysis with the moderator and all participants. At the end, a post workshop activity will take place. 

This approach fosters interactivity. Participants are encouraged to contribute their opinions, engage in discussions, pose questions, share examples, and more, enriching the content of the sessions.

The topics we will address at the meetings will be as follows: 

  1. Life as a growth path
  2. Freedom responsibility and commitment
  3. Friendship as a way of celebrating life
  4. Balance: work, relationships, interests and wellness
  5. Emotional intelligence
  6. Love and relationships
  7. Communication with family and friends
  8. Social responsibility and solidarity: openness to others

In the following link you can find a survey where you can help us to make this project possible, as you will be able to register and provide ideas and opinions on the proposed topics, as well as suggest new ideas.