Painting For Others in Helsinki

Last week a group of young architecture students from the University of Navarra (Spain) came to Helsinki to fix the damages of an old house. They participated in an enriching volunteering activity organized by the IYC network, leaving a big mark thanks to the result of their work.

This house, steeped in history and in need of urgent attention, became the perfect setting for the volunteers to show their knowledge, skills and, above all, their enthusiasm and desire to help others.

One of the first tasks was to completely rearrange the spaces in the house. The volunteers were in charge of classifying, ordering and arranging each object and piece of furniture in an appropriate way, optimizing the use of space and facilitating its habitability. Each door was carefully restored, respecting its original design. This process included sanding, varnishing and repairing damages, ensuring that each piece maintained its historical value. Using a Kärcher pressure washer, the volunteers were responsible for thoroughly cleaning the exterior floor of the house. This technique removed embedded dirt and revitalized the floors, leaving them in optimal condition.

After intense days of work, the volunteers also had the opportunity to enjoy their free time and explore the city. Helsinki, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, offered the students a host of enriching experiences. In addition, the city’s pleasant weather at this time of year allowed our volunteers to stroll through the streets, enjoy nature and swim in the sea.

This volunteering activity has been an invaluable opportunity to foster values of cooperation, empathy and social responsibility. We would like to express our gratitude to all the volunteers for the effort they have made during these days and the inspiring and enormous work they have done, making possible the transformation of the house. Thank you all for making this activity a resounding success!

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