Distributing food and company to help others

One of the main activities of IYC is the food distribution. Every Friday evening and Saturday morning we come together with a clear mission: to provide basic food and, equally important, to offer company and emotional support to those who are lonely. The NGO is committed to providing support to families in need through our weekly food delivery program. 

Thanks to the Helsinki City Council, we receive a weekly donation of fresh, non-perishable food that enables us to carry out this work. From fruits and vegetables to canned goods, meat, dairy products or fresh bread, we ensure that the families we serve have access to quality food. After that, we start the activity by filling boxes with different groceries and then we carry into the car and begin the delivery. 

However, our work goes beyond food distribution. In a country where loneliness is a growing problem, we understand the importance of companionship and emotional support. That’s why we spend time with each family we visit, offering a smile, a friendly conversation or a shoulder to lean on. We know that sometimes the greatest gift we can give is our presence and our listening, and after sharing many moments, we end up becoming mutual friends

Each meeting reminds us of the importance of empathy and solidarity, so necessary. It fills us with gratitude to see the smiles of happiness on the faces of those we help and to know that we have lightened their burden and given a ray of hope in difficult times.

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