Leadership Program: What do you contribute to the world? Entrepreneurship with meaning

The third and last session of the Leadership Program took place on November 24th at Hanken University. This time we had the privilege of counting on Felix Leminen, a young entrepreneur who has founded a start up called Vividize which provides a service of teaching how to learn Chinese characters.

Felix started the session by asking the attendees if they were interested in becoming an entrepreneur or if they had ever thought about initiating their projects. For those who were interested, Felix recommended three interesting books which helped him considerably during his process to found his company.

After that, he showed such an interesting and useful canvas template for the beginning of the process of starting your own business. It was focused on every topic and element that has to be targeted at the time of considering how to design the strategy for the business model.

He went through three specific questions for closing the talk:

  • The possibility of making a positive impact in the world.
  • How to be creative.
  • How to know if an idea is worth persuing.
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