Development Cooperation

As an international organization, IYC Finland is involved in promoting the UN’s sustainable development goals abroad as well. Since its establishment, IYC Finland has helped in several development projects such as:

Uganda (2017)

We built three additional classes in the village school in rural Mityana (50,000 inhabitants). The foundations and walls had already been laid three years earlier but they were still empty when we arrived. More than half of the Ugandans are under 18 years old which in terms of population makes Uganda the youngest country in the world. The country’s unemployment rate is about 80% but on the other hand, the figure applies only to those aged 18 and over. The project was coordinated locally by our host family. The IYC organized the youth and organized a program for us after construction. The founds for building the school were raised by the Finns and Swedes.

Senegal (2018 ja 2019)

Gambia (2019)

Hungary (2020-2021)

Development camp and youth exchange. More than 40 young people from Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Ireland and the United Kingdom attended charity camps, during which young people helped local aid organizations and took part in solidarity projects.

Mexico (2020-)

In connection with the Christmas campaign, IYC Finland is organizing gift collections for the children of the Mexican MIPEFAM-orphanage.

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Other projects

In addition, the International Youth Cooperation Network, which includes more than 12 countries, has been involved in projects on all continents.