The “Share your Christmas” campaign closes reaching 2.574€

The Christmas campaign organized by IYC has closed collecting the amount of 2.574€ from the different actions and activities developed during the last two months. The generosity and commitment of every person who has collaborated and donated have made possible this.

Among the activities that have taken place as the program of the campaign, we can highlight the Christmas Solidarity Gala, held at Hanken University, the Solidarity Padel Tournament, hosted by Billebeino Padel, and the buy of the solidarity balls spread in multiple locations from the city of Helsinki and Espoo.

The money has already been used for bringing gifts to the children of Peru and Mexico from the organizations we were collaborating with. The children have enjoyed their gifts and have been able to experience the magic of Christmas, smiling and feeling such spirit of illusion and joy, which was the aim of this project.

So, we can´t say anything but thank all the people, organizations, and entities that have cooperated and helped to develop this campaign. Without their support, this wouldn’t have been able to succeed. We want to remark that this year the amount of collaborator establishments has increased considerably, which makes us happy and hopeful, as we see that the motivation for helping and being involved in social projects is growing.

At the same time, we have counted on the participation of many young people, who have dedicated their time to taking care of different aspects such as assisting the attendees of the Gala, cooking, donating food, lending musical and sound devices…

But we don´t want to stop with this and since now we are starting to think about the potential improvements to achieve the same or more goals and be more ambitious, attracting every time more and more people to participate in this wonderful project.

See you all next year and from the deep of our hearts, thank you.

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