Mid-term training at Sipoo

Last week our volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps program participated in a two-day stage training camp at Sipoo. They shared their experiences and learnings with other volunteers who are across the country immersed in different projects and associations. It was an excellent opportunity to enrich and get insights, ideas and inspiration from others.

The training was developed in the presence of the Finnish National Agency of Education, which sent a professional to check and evaluate the ongoing projects and the current situation of the young volunteers. This mid-term training constituted the second gathering offered to the participants of the European Solidarity Corps, and aimed to discuss and navigate into the experience from the previous months, how to face the upcoming months and figure out the keys to improve and enhance the performances of the volunteers.

The volunteers could also enjoy the magnificent installations of the Koulutuskeskus Sopukka Center, as they went hiking, played table tennis, and board games, and had a relaxing time in the sauna, ending with a delightful bath in the jacuzzi.

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