Maribel Paevere awarded Volunteer of the Year

Our volunteer Maribel Paevere has been awarded Volunteer of the Year. This award is given by the organization Kansalaisareena, which focuses on promoting volunteering activities and creating nets of collaboration and partnerships among non-profit organizations.

Maribel has received this fair acknowledgment for the amazing and inspirational job that she has done during the year by participating in the Food Distribution project, promoting volunteering and solidarity among her classmates, cleaning the sea and taking care of the environment.

She is such an example for the upcoming generations, as she shows the people, that contributing to the improvement of society is possible. She has been involving others in some of our projects, inviting people to come and participate in the activities. As she says, Maribel is trying to make a positive change on society by an active attitude.

Maribel was chosen as one of the candidates for this award. After two months of votation, she has been elected as the Volunteer of the Year, and we can say nothing else but how proud and happy we are about counting on her.

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