Christmas Gala 2023

Last December 1st we celebrated in collaboration with Hanken University a solidarity Christmas Gala. The event aimed to promote the “Share your Christmas” campaign and link people with it. At the same time, we wanted guests to meet Mexican and Peruvian culture, so we counted on artists, dancers, and food from these countries to make people go deep into their cultures.

The event was completely a successful one, as many attendees showed a great interest in the campaign and contributed to its development with donations. The Gala was split into three parts. We started with a welcome coffee time when the guests could enjoy a warm cup of coffee while the volunteers were explaining how the event was going to be organized.

After that, the time for the show was set. We had a music-cultural session that included three performances from different artists. The program started with Uña de Gato, a Peruvian music group, which was rocking on the stage and making the crowd go mad dancing and enjoying. Then, Rodrigo Pajuelo and Tito Chauca delighted us with smooth and sweet sounds of guitar and Peruvian flute. In closing, the dancers of Askenten Palo astonished the events hall of Hanken with such a beautiful and impactful performance.

Once the musical program was ended, the time for dinner started. Miski Internacional was the official food partner and provided the event with a very typical Peruvian dish, “Ceviche”. We had also Spanish omelets, which were cooked by children of the English School due to the Cooking for Others project. The rest of the food was donated by collaborators and particulars.

The Gala wouldn´t have been able to be celebrated without the support and help of all the volunteers, our partners for the campaign, people who came and donated stuff, and Hanken University, who let us use its installations. From IYC board: THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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