Cooking For Others

“Cooking for Others” is our new project in collaboration with the English School. Once a month, the students of the Home Economics course will develop a product and food delivery service for people in need in the city of Helsinki.

Each month a different theme and challenge will be posed to invite creativity in the kitchen; as well as to take care of a well-laid table for both the students and the target families.

The main objective of the “cooking for others” project is to recognize the value of the individual. We want to transmit the transforming power of details, because it is through small things that change is produced.

The project is addressed first of all to the children, students of the English school.Through this, we want to show that it doesn’t matter how old they are to make an impact on society. We can all be an engine of change. You can be the change.

On the other hand, we want to be hope for the people we are targeting; to accompany them, to let them know that they are not alone and to lighten the burden of the difficult situations they are facing, which in many cases are linked to depression. 

We want to change the focus of solidarity, making the project a reflection of the win to win of volunteering where one not only gives but also receives. To the families, to make them see that they are not in a situation of vulnerability where they only receive but that with their gratitude they are also giving; instilling in these children the illusion of doing things well for others, with the illusion of brightening and improving the world with the little things.

On the 15th of February we inaugurated the project with the first class in which the students prepared an Italian menu. During this weekend we were sharing the cooking for others with the beneficiaries of our food distribution project. It was a big surprise for them, they felt incredibly lucky and grateful.

Cooking For Others shares the transformative power of details, because it is through the little things that change happens.

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