Eco-Volunteering activities during summer

We have been holding during summertime many eco-volunteering activities focused on cleaning the sea, collecting garbage and removing it from the ground, encouraging youth in how important is to care for the environment, etc. It has been a pleasure just to see how the volunteers have been involved, doing their best and starting to develop an awareness about every question related to climate change, nature issues, or the impact of some human actions.

The last two activities that we hosted consisted in cleaning the sea by kayaking. We thought that beyond this, volunteers can have a complete experience: on one hand, you are contributing to the improvement of the environmental situation as you are removing all the plastic waste and other contaminants things from the sea. And on the other hand, you are spending an amusing time, doing some sport activity and knowing new people.

The results were so good, especially on the second day when we went to Laguuni Keilis, in Espoo. The volunteers were able to find so many remnants and they filled up two garbage bags. We are delighted about counting on young people that are committed and aware of caring for our natural environment. Their example is necessary to spread the spirit of ecologism, nature care, and recycling.

Climate change is a fact. It´s something whose consequences are starting to cause trouble s in so many places on our planet. The moment to take action is already now, otherwise could be so late. For us, is crucial to encourage young people to this awareness and promote activities aligned with it.

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