Youth Volunteering Festival at Oodi

IYC was present at the Youth Volunteering Festival hosted by Kansalaisareena and placed at Oodi. It was such a good opportunity for the organization to introduce and promote its work and activities. At the same time, meeting other groups and associations was great and very inspiring, as we could see how others are working due to the society’s improvement.

The event was divided into two parts. The first part held four talks given by different specialists on each topic. Frank Martel was responsible for opening the exhibition with an interesting speech about motivation and personal welfare. Then, Mina Koirikivi talked about social media and its impact on society. After that, it was Eeva-Johanna Eloranta, who approached us to the importance of mental health and the risks of not taking care of it. In closing, Mesi Tanninen spoke about youth influence and volunteering among young people.

Once the exhibition ended, the organizations went to a meeting hall, where could attach our banners, roll-ups, and different devices to have a space in which we could attend to people and explain our organization, commitment, awareness, and work area.

It was such a good opportunity for us to promote IYC activity and foster solidarity among young people interested in the Third Sector and volunteering. We want to thank Kansalaisareena for organizing this meeting and putting us in contact with those who are aware of the challenges and goals that we, as citizens, have with our society.

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