welcome to Iyc finland’s and caritas finland’s second seminar on global development next week!

Picture: IYC’s education project in Ghambia

Text: Kaarina Saarialho

IYC Finland and Caritas Finland are going to organize their second seminar on global development. The seminar will take place in Allergiatalo on Thursday 8.7. starting from 14.30. It is meant for young people and students interested in topics like education, poverty and development.

Even though the right for education is often considered self-evident for people who live in Finland, unfortunately the situation isn’t even nearly as good all around the world as it is here. At the moment there are 57 million kids left outside of the education system in developing countries.

– It is interesting how education changes people’s lives all over the world. At Tuesday’s seminar the speakers will tell about the opportunities that education open to people, says IYC Finland’s general secretary Aino Salmi.

Next Tuesday especially education and its meaning for equality will be discussed. After the opening words Santiago Martinez from Inter-Cultur will talk about the power of education as a weapon in the fight against poverty. In the second session Mervi Hakoniemi, who has studied education and equality in Peru, will talk about gender equality and girls’ right for education.

Caritas Finland’s and IYC Finland’s first co-hosted seminar – Our World Our Future – was held on 29.5. at IYC’s office. It was about global and sustainable development and it was meant for young people who are interested in these topics. Felix Leminen was the presenter of the event and Guilherme Varro was the seminar’s speaker. He talked about his career on global development. After the coffee break Caritas held a sustainable development workshop.

Welcome to join us in the seminar to Allergiatalo! The event will be filmed and can also be watched live or afterwards on IYC Finland’s Youtube channel.

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The fourth goal of the UN Sustainable Development is to guarantee open, equal and high-quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.
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Our first co-hosted seminar.

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