Leadership Program: What is a leader? Inspiring others and lead change

The second session of the Leadership Program Seminar took place last November 17th at Hanken University. At that time, Gerardo Falcon, a sustainability professional with a strong background in business and leadership, talked about the keys to being a good leader and how to turn things in their best ways.

Gerardo was focused on three specific topics:

  1. What makes someone a good leader.
  2. The need of our society regarding having good leaders.
  3. The way to help others to become good leaders.

Gerardo emphasized on attitude as the key to starting the path that leads someone to leadership. He said that everybody has to train his skills looking for excellence and try to do their best. He also added the importance of enhancing others by motivating, mentoring, supporting or helping them.

He mentioned the advantage that can provide repeating some habits, as through that, they will become skills and a way of life. Discipline and excellence are the starting point of the road to inspiring others and gaining their confidence. You have to make an impact on people through your behavior, that will make others trust you.

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