Welcome to the adventure park and singing retreat

Kuuletko minua?- music project will continue throughout the summer with lots of activities to share. The next project will head to the adventure park Korcke in Helsinki’s Mustikkamaa on 16.6 at 18.6. We will meet at Isoisän-sillalla at 17.30 and the park will be open from 6 to 8. After the park, you can stay for a picnic, play music and spend time together. You can sign up on the Youth Revolution calendar or call 0440123399.

Open workshop for singers

In June, there will also be another great opportunity to participate in a singing workshop led by soprano Tiia-Maria Saari on St. Peter’s Street. The cost of the workshop is €40, but the project will reimburse participants. The aim of the workshop is to learn how to warm up the body to its best singing ability:

“We focus on the body and breathing – as if you bring your instrument in for maintenance and learn to tune it a bit yourself when you attend this evening,” Saari says of the workshop on her website.

The workshop will take place at St. Peter’s Street 9 on Wednesday 15.6 from 19.00 to 21.00. You can sign up at team.tiiamariasaari@gmail.com and register via the Hear Me? project. Please bring a gym mat and comfortable clothes.

You can still invite new friends to join the project and all the activities we organise are open to everyone. For more information about the project and upcoming events, call 0440123399 or follow us on Instagram @kuuletko.mich.

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