Open stage concert at Suomenlinna

Last week, We held a concert in Linna Bar, located in Suomenlinna island. The aim was to provide an opportunity to those who wanted to express themselves and share their feelings through music. They could count on an open stage, already attached to instruments and musical elements. Three girls encouraged themselves and brought us such amazing performances.

Everyone was invited to come to the stage and share with the audience songs that came from their own creation or covers of their favorite ones. We wanted people to choose the lyrics and the sounds that could lead them to express their feelings and emotions.

The first singer was Miisa May, a songwriter who sang six songs whose lyrics came from her own inspiration and creative work. She created such a beautiful atmosphere, engaging the crowd in a sentimental environment meanwhile she was singing and playing the piano. Those sweetie sounds were magnificent and we all enjoyed them.

Then it was Axa Lahti-Nuutila´s shift. She performed also her original songs, accompanied by guitar sounds. She decided to share with the public her feelings, her perception of life, and what was going on in her life. All of this helped people to connect with the melody and the lyrics, finding their own place or their own experiences in them, developing such an interesting work of empathy and joy.

And to conclude the concert, there was time for Carmen Hurtado, one of our volunteers, who explored a mix of English and Spanish sounds, rocking the stage. She offered us covers of 2000´s classic Spanish pop songs, with an acoustic version, turning them into a country style powered by her guitar sounds.

Kutsu kavereita tekstiviestillä mukaan

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