Do you also want internationality and variety in everyday life? So did we, and that’s why we attended 9-11. February to a pan-European online workshop for young people to share their thoughts on migration and solidarity.

Our volunteers Iita Haataja, Ilja Aalto and Giovanni Canarecci, as well as Pedro Paramo, Jyri Soria and Aino Salmi from the office, participated in the Advocacy Camp organized by IYC Finland on Europe Caritas. Among the Finnish participants, we created a joint conversation with the help of a Whatsapp call, through which we spoke while following the European debate in a Zoom call.

The corona age requires a little ingenuity from us to make connections with each other, but fortunately we have enough!

On the second day of the workshop, we were able to download the Youth Advocacy Toolkit, which can be used to come up with ideas for future projects. Discussions focused in particular on the negative myths associated with migration. In addition, we received a lot of up-to-date information on internationalization, migration and ways to increase solidarity in our own communities.

Migration in figures:

70 %the growth of the labor force in the EU resulted in immigration in 2004-2014
85 %Migration in Africa takes place within the African continent
3,9million people moved to an EU country in 2018
2,8million people moved out of an EU country in 2018
43,7was the median age of those living in EU countries at the beginning of 2019
29,2was the median age of immigrants in the EU in 2018
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