Share your Christmas 2023

We have started a Christmas solidarity fundraising campaign to get funds for children at risk of poor and exclusion from Mexico and Peru. The project aims to use the collected money to buy gifts for these children and let them experience the magic, innocence, and joy of this time of the year.

The dynamic of the campaign is the same as last year. We have fined with different establishments and institutions a partnership that lets us distribute banners and Christmas balls. In every banner, we explain the way to donate. To donate, those who are interested have to buy a Christmas ball. Each ball has the name of one of the beneficiaries’ kids and his age.

The price of the ball is completely voluntary. The payment methods are shown as well in the balls. The balls include a QR code that links with the official webpage of the campaign, where everybody can find all the info. On the website we offer audiovisual content about the project, briefing of participation, greetings from the beneficiaries, and all the activities in relation to the project. You can check it here.

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