Leadership Program: Who am I? First session

Last Friday, Hanken University kicked off the leadership programme that IYC has organised together with this prestigious business school. With the aim of bringing young students closer to topics such as leadership and entrepreneurship from a human point of view and with values, we are holding several talks in which young professionals share with students their expertise in different topics related to leadership.

The world is looking for visionary leaders, people capable of innovating, motivating and guiding, but to get there you need to know how to do it. Our leadership programme is designed to enhance everyone’s skills and awaken the leader in all of us.

The first of these presentations was given by Raquel Amaral, a Brazilian psychologist and expert in self-knowledge and emotions. Amaral explained to the students the three strategies by which self-knowledge can be developed:

  1. Taking moments of silence and listening to your own thoughts
  2. Writing about yourself, writing your history and what you wanna become
  3. Listening to people that inspire you. You will hear in their stories, inspirations and different characteristics that will help you understand and identify things you also see in yourself.

Amaral explained the importance of developing emotional intelligence in order to know one’s fears and be able to deal with them. The psychologist pointed out that if you are afraid to try something new, you should do it with fear: “the feeling of fear can stop us but we can decide to do those things even if we are scared and realise that we are capable of doing them”.

The talk concluded with a personality test where the students were able to get to know themselves better and find out what their weaknesses are (and face them) but also their virtues.

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