Cooking For Others: Session I

Cooking for Others, one of IYC’s active projects in collaboration with the English School is back for another season. Once a month, the students of the Home Economics course will prepare a menu and a food delivery service for people in need in the city of Helsinki.

Each month there is a different food theme and challenge to invite creativity in the kitchen; as well as to take care of a well-laid table for both the students and the families to whom the food is delivered. On this occasion, the students have cooked an Asian menu in which the chosen dishes have been Pad Thai and fluffy pancakes.

The main objective of the Cooking for Others project is to recognize the value of the individual. We want to transmit the transformative power of details because it is through small things that change happens.

The project, which is carried out once a month, is aimed at the pupils of the English School. For them, this activity helps them to appreciate the transforming power of details and that with the simplest actions from a school kitchen, they can change the world. Through small things, visible changes can be made.

Likewise, the families who receive the food – who are the same families who receive groceries every week thanks to our Food Distribution project – feel cared for by the students, who cook for them with care and love.

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