Music For Others meeting at Seurasaari

We held a social meeting last Monday in order to reunite the Music For Others project volunteers. The aim was to enjoy the evening by singing and playing the guitar in a social atmosphere that let people know each other, make friends and share testimonies through music.

The activity was divided into two parts: The first one in which the assistants chose different songs to be performed and played. Thus, they had the opportunity of listening to different styles of music and try foreign sounds as participants were from so many different countries. This mix of cultures provided such interesting learning and let people approach other ways of understanding music and developing it.

The second part continued with this stage as volunteers received some classes of a typical Finnish dance. It was so nice and people really enjoyed it in spite of the quite difficulty of some dance steps. Finally, the goal was achieved and volunteers could defend themselves and even look like a Finnish dancers. They passed the exam!

After that, we enjoyed such a delicious meal to celebrate the success of the activity. Then, there was time to talk between all the assistants, share testimonies and rate how fun was the event.

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