My first week in iyc

Finally the time arrived, and I started in IYC. We started with a brainstorming about all ideas that we want to do this summer. We planned new activities that we think they can help society and we wanted to look for new volunteers.

The first activity that I did was FOOD FOR OTHERS. I met beneficiaries families of IYC. It was an amazing experience because I remembered when I was in the lockdown in Spain and I was distributing food for the families that needed help in that moment. I recommend that experience to everyone because I think that you can see the other point of view of society. You can see the people that don’t have the necessary recourses for living.

We came back to the office and we had a conference of marketing because we wanted to do a change with our social media. We think that it is very important to look for new volunteers and make ourselves know. We changed our Instagram profile (you can go to see it ;)) and we received very much tips to give a new image to the society.

At the end of the week I went to a cottage, because the owner of the cottage asked a group of friends to help with the garden and the trees that had fallen during the winter. The house was like 2 hours away from Helsinki. We stayed there two days and then we finished. Also I went with other friends to Hanko for relaxing one night and sleep there.

I am very happy for this experience and this only is the first week. Let´ s make this summer the best summer!!!! I hope to meet all of you who have read this.


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