Solidarity flea market

Due to the need to get fresh and healthy food for families in need, specially those that are shinning by their absence.

The Youth Revolution activity (food sharing), aware of this need, has developed an initiative: The Solidarity Flea Market.

We greatly appreciate all those who made possible the second-hand clothes collection (organized by our coordinators Jorge Soria and Gerardo Falcon). Then, we got in touch with the flea markets of the city of Helsinki and others of private sector. Finally, we decided to collaborate with two markets: the Helsinki flea Market (Merikannontie 3 A) and the Helmi children flea market (lntiankatu 20). From today on, in Helsinki flea market until October 30 and in Helmi children flea market until October 23, we have a stand with second-hand clothes and low cost items for our Youth Revolution project.

We have been able to observe that this activity for young people is entertaining and meaningful for them due to the fact of seeing the fruits of their volunteering in the food sharing activity. That is why in May we will carry out another flea market, we hope that this time it can be carried out outdoors since we will have better weather.

Now we have to wait. The benefits that are obtained will go to the food sharing activity and future projects with young people, which are open to anyone who wants to participate. Meanwhile, other projects are being developed, projects whose objectives are in the same line in which IYC Suomi has been working for during all these years:

Solidarity and charity among young people, their formation and help them to socialize among themselves through volunteering activities. They are the future, they are Suomi!

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