Bike trip

The trip is 20 km long with some elasticity. It goes roughly around the coast from Allergiatalo to Ruukinranta and from there to Otaniemi. 

From Otaniemi we go to Koivusaari and from there to Kuusisaari and back to Allergiatalo.


  • Departure from Allergiatalo (Paciuksenkatu 19) at 17:00
  • Brake and changing Alepa bike at Ruukinranta 17:30
  • Brake and changing Alepa bike at Otaniemi 18:00
  • Picnic at Lehti/Kuusisaari (+ changing Alepa bike) 18:30
  • Arriving to Allergiatalo 19:00-19:30

There is a lot to see at Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari. 

Kuusisaari is full of embassies (Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hungary, Bulgaria, Indonesia) and there is the Didrichsen Art Museum. 

At Lehtisaari is a beautiful park. Unfortunately we cannot bike in it, but we can bike on the coast. 

Places to see around Laajalahti :

  • Villa Elfvik
  • Tarvaspää (Gallen-Kallela museum)
  • Tamminiemen huvila
  • Didrichsen Art Museum
  • Seascapes
  • 2 bird towers

What to bring?

  • Bike (Alepa bike or own)
  • Some water 
  • A bit of snacks
  • Swimsuit and towel (if  you are in the mood)

For questions contact us at +358 41 471 0312

See you on wednesday

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