Hi everyone!

We are Bego, Mike and Kaarina. Mike and Bego just arrived from Spain to volunteer here at IYC for the summer. Kaarina is going to have a summer internship here for six weeks.

Mike just finished his teaching degree in Madrid and wanted to come here to Finland to get volunteering experience and to have a cultural exchange. Bego also just finished her university degree in teaching and psychology before arriving here. She wanted to volunteer outside of Spain and fight injustice and inequality. Kaarina just graduated from high school here in Helsinki and wanted to gain some work experience and learn more about how NGOs work.

During our first week here we focused on getting to know each other, including other people here at IYC, like Aino, Jyri and Pedro. We also got to know the work environment and the basics of how things work here. We started the week by having a nice Helsinki tour and introducing Mike and Bego to some of Finland’s history. During the next days we got to do lots of interesting things like helping organize summer projects, getting to know some new younger volunteers and even participating in a social media strategy presentation. Taking part in the food distribution was also an amazing experience that we would definitely recommend to everyone. The families that we got to know warmed our hearts and we can’t wait to see them again!

After being here for a crazy week we feel excited and motivated to be a new part of IYC Finland’s team. Even though we felt a bit overwhelmed and confused in the beginning with all the new information, we are now confident that we will easily catch up on how things work around here especially with the help of each other. We look forward to all the new projects planned for this summer such as the flea markets and eco-volunteering. Our amazing team makes our daily routines here feel like even more fun and exciting.

We are very happy to be here and to do our own part to help the people in need. Hopefully we will meet even more great volunteers in the activities to share this experience with. 🙂

From left to right Bego, Kaarina, Pedro, Mike and Jyri

Our first day in the office!

At the social media strategy presentation

Kutsu kavereita tekstiviestillä mukaan

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