Christmas campaing

Great opportunities to help others rarely come, but the little ones surround us every day.

Every year we prepare one concrete Christmas campaign, with all the funds going directly to support people in need. 

This year we have focused on the Mexican orphanage MIPEFAM (Mi Pequeña Familia), where live 30 boys without parents or with parents that cannot take care of the children due to problems with alcohol, drugs or prostitution. 

Through IYC Finland we met MIPEFAM, as the cousin of one of our volunteers is a volunteer at MIPEFAM, so we decided to help in this project. 

Our aim is to collect funds for Christmas gifts for these kids (30 euros per kid) and also an small contribution of 20 euros per kid for clothes or studies or the amount you want to donate.

You are all invited to participate and support the project. Any donation will be well received and appreciated.
Here you have the link https://www.gofundme.com/f/christmas-for-all-iyc

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