helmikuu, 2021

262.18:0020:00Tapahtuma päättyi joCLIMBING 4 OTHERS 26.0218:00 - 20:00 Veturitallinkuja 4, 00520 Helsinki



Hello dear volunteer!

Welcome to climb with us on Friday 26th of February.

We will meet at the parking lot of Boulderkeskus Pasila. Bring comfortable sport clothes and a water bottle. You don´t need previous climbing experience, in this group it´s all about learning and having fun. Climbing is a great sport in a sense that regardless of your level there are always adequate challenge!

We will enable more spaces for the activity. 

If you want to join into the volunteers whatsapp group to help in others activities, you are welcome. Just said to us, and join in the activity.



(Perjantai) 18:00 - 20:00


Boulderkeskus Pasila

Veturitallinkuja 4, 00520 Helsinki


IYC Aino Salmi+358440123399


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