On arrival training at Villa Elba

Last week our Spanish volunteers who work in the NGO thanks to the European Solidarity Corps programme participated in a training organised by the European Union for the different volunteers who are in Finland this year carrying out volunteering activities and projects. During this training, the volunteers were able to learn tools with which to develop their initiatives more effectively, as well as to participate in dynamics and develop projects with which to learn more about volunteering and its work methodology.

They also received Finnish language classes and training sessions on life in Finland. The meeting with other European volunteers also living in the country enriched them as they were able to share their projects and activities. The training took place in Kokkola, in the Villa Elba youth centre, one of the 9 centres in Finland dedicated to this type of activities.

The participants also participated in cultural activities in and around the city, visited a reindeer farm, took part in outdoor activities such as Nordic walking and visited the Renlund Museum, among others.

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