marraskuu, 2020

2811.11:0013:00Tapahtuma päättyi joFood for Others 28.11.11:00 - 13:00



Hello dear volunteer!

There are a lot of people in need in Helsinki, our duty will be to delivered them food . Now we have one source of food, we still looking for other one, to reach all the families in need.

We will leave from the office of IYC Suomi to pick it up the food and directly to the neighborhoods of all the families that we can. At the moment we have just one car so thats is why there are just 3 space in the activity, but if you have car and you want to contribute with it say to us.

We will enable more spaces for the activity. 

If you want to join into the volunteers whatsapp group to help in others activities, you are welcome. Just said to us, and join in the activity.


(Lauantai) 11:00 - 13:00


Pedro Páramo SotoVolunteer


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