In this difficult moment, now that corona virus is on the prowl, we have to be closer than never before. Senior people can feel alone in this difficult times, we can show our care.

Our volunteers had been thinking about the elderly people nowadays that they fell more lonely than ever with the corona virus crisis. After a long time thinking about how they can be with them in distance, they found this format that we now share with all of you and we encourage you to join in it.

Reserve some time for solidarity and join our volunteering team to knit socks, a scarf, or what you think seniors may like most. We can do it together. One of us will teach us how to knit for those that are new to it. We are meeting the 1st Saturday of each month at Silta-klubi (Parastentie 14) from 14:00-15:30. You can come other Saturdays or continue at home.

When the handmade item is ready you will write a letter sending a message to the recipient of the gift, i.e. explaining to them how important they are for you and telling that we care about them, that they are not alone!

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